Sunday, November 27, 2011

biking again

Made it out for another bike ride this afternoon after Anna left to go back to school.   I sort of enjoy the challenge of biking in the wind and rain.   It is definitely quiet out with little activity to be found.   Wildlife report for the day includes on red tailed hawk and a pileated woodpecker which is always awesome to see and hear.  I saw no other humans.    I think with all the rain and wind that I might have burned a few more calories than usual. was a bit chilly too.    That is all the news for the day.   :o)

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I finally made it out for a bike ride after several months away from it.   It was nice to get outside a bit.   Wildlife of the day included one hawk and a pheasant.   Tamer life included several humans out doing some late fall cleanup in their yard.   There is no snow yet but it still was nice to see what was up around the countryside.   In the winter you can see all the homes you can't see when there are leaves on the trees.   There were several cute small homes that looked appealing to me.  

I read an article this morning which suggested drinking chocolate milk before and after your ride.    I can see the sense in that and the best part is I have been missing chocolate milk as I was avoiding it to fight the chub to no avail.   I am hoping to bike regularly to both fight the chub and to have some alone time and try hard not to think too much while burning up the calories.

Now time to get on top of the "want to" to go vacuum the house and get rid of more junk.   Listening to Paul Simon and enjoying having everyone home for the weekend.    It will be back to our regular scheduled program on Monday.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family conversation

Anna, "You people talk a lot."   Yep.   Anna, "We need some music to drown you guys out."  Yep.  

Sock and laundry sorting.    This activity is basically avoided at all costs.   I do too much for these slugs and they know it.    Sort the socks then stuff the matched socks back in the basket and we still have no socks in our drawer.   My socks never return.    Smallish mommy feet compared to large son feet, find my socks being put in the five year old's drawer.    Why???   I need some socks!   When I find the socks they return with holes in them. 

Life around here is constant interruption.   The so called potty trained child makes an interesting project in my bathroom and another child comes in announcing there is a problem in the bathroom.   It is my fault that nothing gets done around here when I decide to sit down and write nonsense.  My sitting down is the signal to do nothing.     Eleven different ages at eleven different stages of life.   Hmmmm.......the one year old is generally happy and cute most of the time.    He has only learned to bonk siblings on the head while smiling.   He must not quite be to the age of he.    He has processed that when he bonks someone he will get a reaction.

I have at least one hundred bulbs left to plop in the ground and that might equal burning calories so I better go do that.   I did manage one hundredish so far after returning home from pondering how fat I am.   I came in for a break and made some non-calorie tea which every child is doing their best to tip over.   The coffee/tea dance is trying at times.   Time to chug the rest and skip out the door enthusiastically to plant bulbs.  


It is a scary day when you look in the mirror when out with your daughters realize just how fat you are.   I think I am going to give up eating for Advent.   Perhaps a container of yogurt for my Thanksgiving meal and a ten mile bike ride is in order.   Pitching fire wood is for sure on the docket and eating far smaller portions.   Ugh.   Fat.   I am of that age where my metabolism has ceased to function.   I think I just won't sit down during my waking hours and maybe then some of the chub will disappear.    What???   I am ten miles wide.   What???   I need to hide.   What????    I should just stay outside. 

Running away from fat clothes stores.   Stay away from bigger clothes to hide the chub!!!!    Get rid of the chub!!!!!  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Going Places

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to La Boheme at Indiana University.   My daughter was in the Opera Chorus and she was the only organ major participating.   It was very cool.   The set was the most amazing thing I have ever seen!!   There were at least two revolving sets which between scenes moved across the stage and turned around in circles as the singers went through doors to outdoor scenes and back in again.   The theater must have a monstrous back stage.   I have only ever been to one other opera and that was in high school so it was also interesting to hear these singers sing these pieces which were incredibly long while acting it all out.    Wow.  

The other event was a Paul Simon concert.    I have been a fan since grade school.   He played selections from all eras of his career.   It struck me that he is a true musician.    Not only does he play well, write well, and still sings well after all these years, but he also has an appreciation for incorporating a huge variety of instruments, rhythms, and styles.    He is one of the few musicians I have heard actually grow in their art and continue to do so throughout his career.   At 69 he could still put on an amazing show, was clearly enjoying himself and so was the audience.   The audience was a huge mix of Simon's gray headed peers down to IU students who may not of even recognized "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" but they may have chuckled a bit.

So the weekend was full and now it is time to prepare for Thanksgiving on Thursday.   It will be here for our family.   Today is about over at 9:00a.m. as I made an appointment to get my mop cut and then I have a memorial service this afternoon that I am hoping to make it to for the husband of the young lady who babysat for us when our older kids were small.   It was very sudden and not something which was expected. Praying for his wife and little girl.     Her mother and I have been friends for 25 years.   Sigh.   

This evening is my last journey to Ft. Wayne with my buddy Karen for a Bible study we have been attending there.   I am glad I am not driving.   I was already wiped out yesterday so will be a happy passenger and savor this trip.   We will have to find something new to do to amuse and distract ourselves.  

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Asthma child

Our five year old's asthma has been very aggravated lately.   It is related to eczema as it involves the same system.   He had eczema as a baby that kept me hopping and I equate his eczema struggles with his mommy worship.   Now, he is having several asthma attacks a day and his nebulizer is his friend.   Sigh. 

It is looking less likely that hubby and I will be escaping for a weekend away to visit daughter dear now at school.   Getting my hopes up for things is not always a good idea.   I certainly do not begrudge Stefan for it, but unless he is much better it might not be the best idea to leave him with his older sibs and the neighbor who helps out quite a bit around here.    They are not familiar with what to do.  I am more familiar than Charley so we will have to chat it out as to whether I should go one extra night or not.   Paul Simon concert Sunday evening......  We shall see.   Sigh.   Several of the kids have been plagued with this issue but not as much as the Stefan.   I'm glad he can manage a smile in spite of it all though.   He is my little sweetie.    Love his five year old self.    Sigh.   

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Go talk to you father

I am in a bit of a fed up mood today when it comes to all things pertaining to following through on tasks.   I have also been thinking more and more about how easy it is for my cherubs to whine at me about their troubles as I can tolerate a lot of talking before I declare that enough is enough.   My 'enough is enough' now includes not caring whether they miss out on Scouts and other social times.   I used to hold those sort of things sacred for them as they raised way too many chickens and pigs etc. and seemed to have nothing fun to do ever.   That is not true anymore.   Since animals left, they have acquired computers too.   Computers.   Humph.   I am getting sick of my own computer.   I am pulling the 'no computer' wild card either till their rooms are found, drivers permits are in hand (my kids don't care if they learn to drive or not), and that they do their chores from the list without being told.   Their father dear can be spoken to about all of their dreams  of Scouting events etc.   I don't think sending the kids to talk to their father about stuff is something which kids will use as a manipulation thing if I do my best to let him have the final word on stuff.   What does it matter anyway if he does if it means they actually do what they are supposed to do.   GO TALK TO YOUR FATHER if you are disgruntled about things or need a ride or don't know how to do  your math homework.   Bangs head on table........

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Painting the Yard

I got a bit enthusiastic with tulip and other such spring flower bulbs this year and I think I sort of visualize all the planting as sort of painting of the yard.   We live in the middle of ten acres so there is the potential of a lot of yard to paint.   We dug up two areas where the daffodils needed thinned out and some large allium bulbs needed to be moved.  Those alone counted up to hundreds of bulbs.   Like my previous post indicated, sometimes my inner brat buys too much of something and this time it was bulbs.   I planted perhaps 300 plus bulbs this afternoon.   My hands and body can attest to that.   Ouch.   I have only a few hundred left that I can potentially plant of the daffodils and allium around the woods etc.   Hopefully tomorrow I will find a few hours to continue the job of digging and planting.   Ingrid has enjoyed chasing around with me and giving me bulbs or dropping them in the holes.    Stefan loves to clip the dead plants out of the gardens and jumps out of his seat to run out the door with me when I hobble out with the bulb digger in hand.   Time to find the pain killer and hobble off to bed to read one of the many books which lay around here from my book addiction.
A recent article on money spending habits is probably not news to most of you but this concept of looking at your inner brat when it comes to money spending was a good reminder for me.   The article talked about how the author named their inner spending brat after someone they knew as a young person who acted like one.   Juanita wasn't a 'brat' as I don't like that word in reference to kids but......she was a little student who definitely liked her own way so my inner spending  brat will be Juanita.   My spending habits can surely be Juanitaish at times.   Actually too often.    So.....the silly FlyLady has me examining that aspect of my family life and management or lack thereof.    Trying to organize my book habit is daunting so perhaps I should finish reading what I have? such a challenge.   Books are my biggest temptation next to a sale on cute kids clothes or even mommy clothes.   Hmmmmm.........not too good.    Here ends today's confession.   I will probably kick myself for yesterdays.......

Monday, November 14, 2011

FlyLady is a swear word at times.   But at other times she is a Godsend.   If I cannot manage to get my oafy self off the couch, the FlyLady has been assisting me in at least giving goals and direction.   This does not always work for me but at times it has been a huge help.   Ongoing battles with depression keep whacky me from taking care of things like I should and also fighting the weight of all of that frustration leaves one feeling a bit befuddled at times.    So.....I re-signed up for  the FlyLady to fight the good fight.   I can't believe I am writing this but whatever.   I also can not believe I am the only person in this boat.   So at least if there is someone telling me what to do, I might do it.   It is making a difference so far.   No one else is me but me and no one else can help get me moving besides me.   Blah, blah, blah.  

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Sillies

It is my odd observation that sometimes this family is too silly.   I think I am to blame for that one.   We get ourselves in trouble at times with silly.   So, thus and therefore, I have been talking to dear children about toning down the silly so that some things in our daily routine are less confusing.   It is confusing to give instruction and then have silliness and questions since no one was really listening but rather just being silly.   A time and a place for the sillies.   I am glad we all have a sense of humor but at times I just want to get er' done around here.   I am really not sure how to convey this to my sillies and even to myself, but at least I am thinking about it for my own sake and have just been pondering the effect of silly during the day.  So ends my deep and profoundness for this day.   Time to do the next thing. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yes, that was naughty

So....the commercials for the Mormon church make me a bit nutty.   I think it is a ploy to either make Mornons seem part of the norm or to help people want to be Mormon since they live such glamorous lives....apparently.    A Lutheran commercial might also show 'normal' but perhaps also show sin, (which is normal), repentance and forgiveness.   Maybe a couple having an argument, going away from each other, reflecting on their sin, repenting, asking forgiveness and receiving God's forgiveness from the Pastor and resuming living by faith and proceeding in faith.  Of course Jesus and the Holy Spirit moving hearts to repentance might be a good idea too.  That would be a Lutheran commercial or....something like that.   This is just my morning reaction to the weird pretty commercials which keep coming on during the morning local news.   Others could add to that but I must return to that vocation thing. 

Commercial break

I am contemplating contacting the networks about making a new commercial.   It will feature me or some other better looking mom, doing wondrous, ponderous things such as.....du, du, du.......changing a diaper or.....putting the clothes in the drier.    It will be colorful and awesome with cutely decorated rooms and a beautiful garden which the awesome mom is weeding (or not) and the end of the commercial break it will say......can you guess???????

My name is Martha Ingebretson and..... I'm.......a...... Lutheran.   This will stop all the prejudice against Lutherans I am sure.   All that crossing of themselves and such and living life.   We need to set the record straight.    I know that most people contemplate the weird behavior of Lutherans.  Yes.   You know they do. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If you say......

in any public way, that your kid is learning to read then they might promptly stop learning, forget everything you have taught them and come to a screeching halt.   I have learned to never say things are going well and keep it all a deep dark secret lest I find myself disappointed.  Quietly keeping that all to myself till they have graduated, I've quit teaching them, or they get a job is the plan for me.    I have nine kids.   They are all great and wonderful kidlets.   They mostly live here except for that one who lives south in some school place.   I'll let you know what is up with her in a year or so......hopefully.    Same goes with announcing the regular use of underwear.    You might discover them in their yucky diaper when you thought they had normal human wear on.   If you spend time with one of the kids, another will come and tell you how you never talk to them or play games with them.    Oh dear.   If you switch curriculum because you think it is better, your kids will take two years to catch up to where they would have been in the old curriculum.    Do I care?   Not usually but sometimes I might feel squished by the list of things to do.

Definitely do not declare that you are working on the kids basic attitude and improving it.   Someone is sure to stop by when you are snapping at a kid or two kids are killing each other in the driveway.   If you say you are going to complete a project by Christmas......don't say that.   It is best to take one day at a time.   One thing at a time works.   Hard to remember but it works......if I can remember.    So goes my rambling for Tuesday.   Now off to decide to get something done but I am not telling you what it is. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seminary Clothing Bank

I went a few years back with a friend to the Sem clothing bank childrens clothing  were nice and picked over and looked pretty sad.   In the process of thinning things out in Hornerdom, I always think of that visit and hope not to send yuck their way.   If it is my clothes, I carefully consider if I seriously will ever be that size again, in that season and picture an appreciative Sem wife with something decent to wear.   There are dresses which served during pregnancies when not too far along which went that way.   Childrens clothes.  Hmmm......I cut the reserves in half and hope someone was able to use something. was not my sleeper on the Concordian Sister baby.   We get new clothes seemingly with every new baby one way or another and no baby could ever wear that many.   Now we are in the potential stage of downsizing in the clothing etc department so here is  hoping the bank can use more.   If it is yuck, it does not need to dry rot at the Sem.   I did think that some day it would be nice to go to garage sales and pick up decent church clothes etc to keep things fresh there.   I am grateful for how richly we have been supplied with what is needed and garage sales have rocked in this way too.   I honestly can not imagine being at the Sem and strapped for cash and managing.   Hopefully some Sem wife is not crying anymore on Sunday morning wishing for something decent to wear.  It wasn't me which provided it but God's gracious provision for this sinful group of Horners.   I just have always wanted my best cast offs to go to the Sem as I know what a wimp I am and it is pretty obvious why God found it best for me to marry an engineer.......I am just a wimp.    



Green scary
Brain tried to leave me
Smarter now

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

9th child well kid check up

Rips 15 month old out of crib, brightens his day with oatmeal immediately after this extraction.   Poor a sipper cup of milk, shove poor bewildered child in his car seat with cup, shut the door and speed off to doc.   Ponder on the way to doc that wittle ickle goo goo probably needs his nails cut.   Rummages to see if emergency nail cutting device is in console for use before Holy Communion avoid embarrassment missions.   Check.   Extracts small child from car seat at doc, checks him in and heads for the bathroom to cut his nails and clean his wittle hands.   Is relieved to find paper towels in bathroom to wash oatmeal off his baby schnuckem cheeks and exits for waiting area happy that I might appear like I take careful care of my one year old.  

Nurse forgets to check her clock and emerges fifteen minutes later after little person had 'read' all the magazines, ripped off his socks, charmed some old people and stole the Gideon Bible.

  Questions......'can he throw a ball?"   Me, "I am not sure but he can whack his older sister on the head."  

Nurse, "Can he say four or more words?"  Me, "I knew you were going to ask that last night so took inventory - Chip (the dog), Cia (Cecilia), Mama (phew),  NaNa (Matthew or Anna)."

Doctor, "Does he have his molars yet?"

Me, "Um......I am not sure.   No, I don't think so but am not sure." 

Such is the life of this mom of nine.   I probably did the same thing with one.   I am just a lot less focused on the ickle small people's every move etc.    He did get many comments about how expressive he is and after a nasty blood test for lead, went merrily home with me.    Gotta love his little self.   

Love in

I have all my kids ten and under who LOVE to have love ins with mom.    Last night at church you would think I was leaving on a long extended journey for all the hugging and loving that went on in the pew.   I hate to 'discipline' them for all the hugs as I look at my thirteen year old and that sort of loving is no longer his thing and I know it will pass.    I suppose we have to have a chat about the extent of hugging and squeezing which goes on during sermons etc.   Benjamin thinks I am sleeping during the sermon when I close my eyes to listen.    I tried to explain that I close my eyes to shut out the distractions.  Hmmm.......hard to close your eyes if when you open them for a second there is a cute eight year old face looking up into yours.   The same goes on at home with all the short people vying for space on either side of me.    Perhaps I should get one of those deli machines with little numbers they can pull out.    This is not a huge problem till they begin screaming at each other about who is sitting where. 

Time to rip myself away from the cute little people and get something done for the today.   Bye kids!   Hope you survive without my warm self beside you clicking away on the keyboard.