Saturday, July 27, 2013


My eldest was married three weeks ago.    I could blog a lot on that occasion which was every bit the most wonderful occasion and the simplicity that I love which any mom would wish for her daughter.   She and hubby drove away yesterday after picking up her belongings, or as many as she could find in one day, to continue on their journey to New Orleans.   I cried of course.   Hugged her and wouldn't let go.    I didn't want to let her go but she is not meant to be here with me.   I will look forward to her calls and the interchange we can have with good ol' modern technology.  

It was good to witness her husband preparing to return to work and the seriousness of his vocation.   I don 't think the general population understands the life of a professional musician.   I am glad I get a peek at that as it is sort of brain food to me to ponder what all is involved with a symphony members preparations for the joy of those who come to listen.   I admit, I am sort of jealous.   I love playing in the symphony myself but am no where in the league of Son-in-Law.   Hopefully I will get to hear him play someday.

Speaking of vocations, I myself keep up early to have quiet time and also time to get a few things done without running interference.   Sigh.   Maybe I will blog more again????   It is a journey.