Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting organized

My compulsion to pitch stuff and get organized is getting out of control. I am making myself sit down and merely visualize my next point of attack. Baby is hiccuping away right at the moment. I will take that as a thank you for sitting down. This whole last week or so has been basically manic in activity around here. My bedroom is painted and everything but the wardrobes, the bed, a chair, and a nightstand remain. Perhaps we will get to the bathroom but I am not going to push it. All of the bathroom stuff fits in the closet and not on the counter and to make Charley happier I gave the rags to him instead of throwing them out. You would think I gave him the best present ever. I have previously thrown them out as they might attract a critter in the barn or something. They may still do that but hey, he's happy. What more matters?

We just finished our last stint of raising chickens. Only a little over one hundred this year and THAT is enough. Some are being sold and most are staying here. I can buy a fresh chicken from the farmers market for the same price as this headache. I think I will contact a friend in Ohio in the future too and see if I can buy from her. Road trip and I have no doubt some fun would be in order.

Baby is so nice and low that my hips and sciatic nerve go nuts regularly. Whine, whine, whine. I guess I am not whining. It is certainly a sign that his/her arrival is coming up. Bizarely I feel like I am more in anticipation this time than ever before. It is sort of unbelievable that the little one will be here and we all can hold and see the baby in person. I have never been able to see such hands and feet antics before either which the doctor explained was caused by having had so many kids the baby has a little more wiggle room. Love that..........

I guess there is nothing left that I have to do. Anna and Erik are away to Higher Things. I am delighted for them. I had Charley post pone his parents visit till September when there would hopefully be less running around and I might feel a little more up to the task. I'm happy for everyone's flexibility. Hopefully tomorrow I can take the kids to the pool and literally chill. I am not loving the heat but sweat is a way of life around here. The air conditioner helps to a point but there must be something about carrying around another person that increases the temperature. I am thankful for friends who are and have pitched in with extra work around here. Humbling but very, very nice! Thank you!

That is all for now! TTFN!