Friday, August 23, 2013


Acknowledgement is a word I have been pondering.   I think one of the hardest things to do as a human sinful person, is to acknowledge the person you are having conversation with or email with and stop thinking about yourself.   Wow.  I know I struggle with it.   I see others struggling with it.   Why is it so hard to just reply to questions or even get off our rears to go and help someone as an automatic response to a need.   Well, because we are sinful and caught up in ourselves would be the obvious answer.   

My kids hate it when I do not acknowledge them when I am working on the computer.   They do not like it when I am rushing about the house chasing after messes and can't sit down with them and just listen to them.   It is funny that I see glaringly why they might be frustrated with me over that and then on the other hand I see how impatient I am with others for similar reasons.   It is hard to remember that the person who has asked us something or told us something, might want at least a little 'yes, I hear you' or a reply of some sort.   So my pondering has been weakly focusing on acknowledging my 'people' when they need something and stop thinking about my own lazy butts need to chill in a chair or whatever.   

It is simply hard and please forgive my overlooking of all of you whom I may have offended.   Blessings on your day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Talking and listening

It seems this is the most challenging thing.   I personally feel the stress of a lot of talking coming at me but how to model not feeling a need to fill the air with talk.   Large families with a lot of talking going on inside their walls can be quite exhausting.   I have many short people and tall people too who have something to say to me.   I am glad they do but it is a struggle to keep listening!   No answer is not an option.   I have been chatting with the kids about turning their focus a bit to listening, ignoring siblings who are purposely trying to get their goat, listening to themselves.   I don't think this will solve the problem, but having an awareness and teaching an awareness of how much talk is going on out of their own mouths and not their neighbors, is making a tiny bit of difference.   I will continue to plug along with this thought with the kids and my own mouth.   Being 46 though might result in my forgetting what the goal is as my forgetting things is the standard.
Proceeding in Faith.........