Friday, May 7, 2010

Anna home

Clearly she is ecstatic to be home. She spent the morning trying to make some more room in her room by throwing things out and asking where to put stuff that she won't need till the fall. Ingrid was delighted to have her home listening to Sesame Street on Anna's laptop. It was sweet. Stefan announced to Anna that he could burp. Cool.

I am tired in the extreme. Muddling through people's math and grammar lessons and oh they love it. I can tell. I am going to become wicked over this whole avoid grammar and math thing. School happens.

Now I need to leave to go get shot. Can't wait. I should also stop and pick up some groceries but only what we have to have as I want the family to eat down the freezer. I will try not to fall asleep on the way to and from seeing the nurse......exciting times as usual.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Too funny......couldn't find my blog

A friend asked for the link to my blog and I couldn't even find it. I suppose the computer being out of commission did that but I figured it out.

Garden Talk is in full swing which is always fun and entertaining. Perhaps I will begin blogging again but perhaps no one will read it since I haven't done this in so long anyway will be a diary of sorts.

Garden......onions, garlic, broccoli, potatoes, lettuce, spinach planted. Check. Need some rain or potatoes are not going to amount to anything. Exciting times. It is supposed to freeze this weekend so have hesitated to plant anything else from seed. So far so good.

I have lost track of how many weeks are theoretically left till bambino. Eleven? Someone mentioned labor and delivery the other day and my brain went "Oh yeah, that." Hmmmm......prayers for upcoming mom and said delivery are always a jolt to the system. Of course praying that all goes well or least as smoothly as Ingrid came. It could be a bad sign it hasn't been on the mind.......just kidding.

Thought of a few possible middle names today. (Yes....kidding) They could be "What" or "I forgot". So let's say my middle name was "What" would be Karin Lisa I Forgot Horner. Has a nice ring to it. I told Charley these possibilities and he has thought up a few more. How about "Time For Dinner"?

School and summer are a challenge. The mere fact that many have avoided their school responsibilities too much just leads to me not knowing what to do with them. I did remind them they have much to be thankful for and we all need to work together on what we simply are given to do. Silence on kids part. It is beautiful outside, they are addicted to playing and it is easier to avoid both school work and mom than do what they need to do. Sigh. Mean old mom.

Anna comes home late tonight or very early in the morning. I am grateful Charley went to fetch her. He is a much more efficient driver and simply moving stuff for him is obviously more efficient than if I were to do it. The summer will be full and interesting I am sure. I know Anna will be glad to be home and to have home cooked meals etc. for awhile.

I could write more but a book is calling my name and hopefully sleep comes soon. Who knows. I may keep this up a little more.