Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still sleeping

I've decided to try a vitamin pill to see if I just need a boost in vim and vigor.   In between succumbing to the bed magnet, I did manage to whack away some more grass in the field, and find flowers to use at the wedding.   We are keeping that very simple.   In fact everything is pretty simple.   Now I just need to remember to take very good care of said flowers til at least July 6th.   I received instructions and a pep talk from the garden center and hopefully I don't sleep away the time I should be fertilizing and watering.  

Second son planted tomatoes and peppers and went with me to get some soaker hose in hopes of a good year.   He and first son are very enthused to help now that they have been released from SAT preparation bondage.   I am amazed at the willingness to go whack trees and weeds and shrubs out of the woods and walkways.   Their enthusiasm might catch on with me again as I was doing those things before hauling to Massachusetts and back.

My bed.   I love my bed.   It is the best place ever.  Perhaps I can add reading books to the time spent there but I just fall asleep.   It is a very strange thing.   My hubby is dumbfounded by all this sleeping and lounging.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I have been making an attempt to catch up on some sleep.   Today my pedometer reported 181 steps at 10:30.   That was the total from getting up to make sure short people were occupied and then returned to bed.   There must have been glue in that bed.   There are tasks screaming at me to get done and yet I didn't give a hoot this morning.   For that matter, I didn't give a hoot the morning before.   Hmmm.....I wonder how late I can sleep in tomorrow?  

Whining some more here......I think sleep deprivation and stress have done a number on my tummy too.   Tomorrow we are having some nice chicken and noodle soup.   I will have to parcel some off for later.   If there isn't time to rest, I am going to ignore the stress and rest okay?  

And I am going to be in deep trouble when the short people get a little older and learn to love their bed too.   Twenty-two years of sleep deprivation........I am allowing myself some freedom to be a sloth this week.  Perhaps next week I will feel perkier.   Goodnight.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our family is loud

You never notice how loud your family is until a quiet family comes to call.  Of course this was a reminder to me of what happens when I don't make any attempt to quiet the fam down.  My eldest daughter dear is the oldest of nine and is marrying the oldest of nine.   I think her hubby-to-be's Papa stressed the need for people to in the family to keep it to a low roar.   It was his family which came to call and I hope they will be okay with returning.  


 - I stubbed my toe.
- I have a teeny tiny scratch which mom can't see, but it hurts.
-I am Howard Cosell of the family and must describe everyone's activities as if we didn't notice them ourselves.
- We can't open the peanut butter jar.
- Everyone wants to the center of attention....duh.
- You have headphones in your ears and can't hear your parents calling you (loud parents).
- You are a short person and you like to scream and run around in circles with the other short people.
- You were an only child and you cannot understand why it is loud and then get louder to be heard.
- The manners pictures books are not sinking in.  
- The Tattle Tail book isn't having any effect either.
- Your parents are too tired to take you to time out in your room for the benefit of everyone else's nerves and improvement of headaches.
- Or.........everyone in the family is a comedian and wants the stage.
- the children of all ages have never been in study hall and don't realize that it might be helpful to keep quiet when other people are trying to study.   If no one realizes this then.........

It is true that the loud happens in a louder fashion when there are guests to tell stories to.   Wow.   It will be okay.  

There are many reasons to be loud but there are also some reasons to work on being quieter.   Can a family of eleven  learn to be quieter???    This is what I am pondering now.   How loud we are......sigh.