Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I have been making an attempt to catch up on some sleep.   Today my pedometer reported 181 steps at 10:30.   That was the total from getting up to make sure short people were occupied and then returned to bed.   There must have been glue in that bed.   There are tasks screaming at me to get done and yet I didn't give a hoot this morning.   For that matter, I didn't give a hoot the morning before.   Hmmm.....I wonder how late I can sleep in tomorrow?  

Whining some more here......I think sleep deprivation and stress have done a number on my tummy too.   Tomorrow we are having some nice chicken and noodle soup.   I will have to parcel some off for later.   If there isn't time to rest, I am going to ignore the stress and rest okay?  

And I am going to be in deep trouble when the short people get a little older and learn to love their bed too.   Twenty-two years of sleep deprivation........I am allowing myself some freedom to be a sloth this week.  Perhaps next week I will feel perkier.   Goodnight.

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  1. Me too. I've been lazy lazy lazy the last two days. I did laundry, fixed the dryer, reheated leftovers for supper. But other than that, there was lollygagging in bed, and reading, and goofing off on the computer. My brain needs the rest more than does my body.