Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our family is loud

You never notice how loud your family is until a quiet family comes to call.  Of course this was a reminder to me of what happens when I don't make any attempt to quiet the fam down.  My eldest daughter dear is the oldest of nine and is marrying the oldest of nine.   I think her hubby-to-be's Papa stressed the need for people to in the family to keep it to a low roar.   It was his family which came to call and I hope they will be okay with returning.  


 - I stubbed my toe.
- I have a teeny tiny scratch which mom can't see, but it hurts.
-I am Howard Cosell of the family and must describe everyone's activities as if we didn't notice them ourselves.
- We can't open the peanut butter jar.
- Everyone wants to the center of attention....duh.
- You have headphones in your ears and can't hear your parents calling you (loud parents).
- You are a short person and you like to scream and run around in circles with the other short people.
- You were an only child and you cannot understand why it is loud and then get louder to be heard.
- The manners pictures books are not sinking in.  
- The Tattle Tail book isn't having any effect either.
- Your parents are too tired to take you to time out in your room for the benefit of everyone else's nerves and improvement of headaches.
- Or.........everyone in the family is a comedian and wants the stage.
- the children of all ages have never been in study hall and don't realize that it might be helpful to keep quiet when other people are trying to study.   If no one realizes this then.........

It is true that the loud happens in a louder fashion when there are guests to tell stories to.   Wow.   It will be okay.  

There are many reasons to be loud but there are also some reasons to work on being quieter.   Can a family of eleven  learn to be quieter???    This is what I am pondering now.   How loud we are......sigh.


  1. When we had the future-in-laws dinners with my then-fiance, it was exactly like My Big Fat Greek Wedding (loud, crazy Greeks vs demure WASPs). Except I'm not the Greek, my hubby is (or half Greek). I'm still conscious of getting louder whenever my mom's side of the family visits, as if I'm reverting back to my people's ways.

    I bet your daughter and future husband will appreciate the benefits of observing (and being a part of) both a loud family and a quiet(er) family, and will try to apply the best of each to their own children (that's what we're trying to do).

    One thing I've noticed about having a larger family (I only have 4...) is there is a larger audience for misbehaving for attention (playing the comedian). My 3-year-old does this all day long, and his siblings are happy to find him hilarious :/

  2. Yes Katy. The audience for misbehavior. Bingo! e are going to spend time this month meditating on this and had deep conversations in the kitchen this morning about disobeying in front guests etc. I think I could sleep for three or four days now......