Saturday, February 6, 2010

Very nice day

This day has flown by but overall was a nice Saturday. We slept in, which was really weird, til 8:00. I think I got ten hours of sleep! Unheard of! In the afternoon I went with my friend Cindy to the local Asian and Mexican markets for an education. We didn't have a lot of time but I now know where to get some weird stuff and some very yummy stuff. Cindy looks up information about spices and seasonings for fun on the internet. She also knows what to buy and how to use them. I picked up some honey lemon tea like mixture and it is awesome. They have wonderful fresh spices. We had some cinnamon basil on pasta with my canned whole tomatoes and Parmesan..........yum. There are some people who think they know a lot of insignificant, yet interesting information but, Cindy is the only person I've ever met who knows interesting stuff which is actually interesting. I think I have a thing for hot drinks as I also picked up some Mexican hot cocoa mix which is also awesome.

After my tour I rushed home to pick up Matthew, Martin and Cecilia to go to a Symphony concert featuring a solo pianist. Everything they played was great and I think the kids enjoyed it. I had played part of the concerto with the symphony for a piano soloist back in the 90's so it was fun to know the horn part and the rest of the parts for that matter. I do think that Anna has some potential helping musicians pick out appropriate clothing to wear for their concerts though. The soloist was awesome but her dress was not flattering. Crushed velvet sleeveless dresses in February on middle aged not pencil thin, but yet tall attractive woman would not be my first choice. I KNOW Anna could help people out in this department. The soloist's playing made up for the distraction of her dress.

This evening I actually somewhat enjoyed getting some of the ironing done. I fixed one of my favorite shirts by resewing a button on so having it ironed and fixed is a double win. I am fairly certain I have felt the baby several times today so that makes me feel better too. Twice during the concert so the baby must have good taste and once just a few moments ago. Yay! I usually feel the baby a lot more at this point and was basically not feeling the baby at all for quite some time so it was bothering me. Hopefully this is a trend.

The boys are going to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow at Pastor Grobiens. I hope that no one gets to chattering too much as I have the distinct impression that Pastor G wants to actually watch the game. I will probably go over after the little people are in bed to bring them home. I can watch some of it with Cecilia at home so she knows what in the world football is. I am NOT a big sports fan. I would watch tennis and soccer in high school but NOT football. When we ran a small Bed and Breakfast stint during ND games before kids we watched so at least we could bond some with our guests. I suppose having Lou Holtz as the coach then did make it more fun to watch as they tended to win. Now I just keep track of the games to avoid traffic in town.

The day went fast but I like a pleasant Saturday and look forward to a pleasant tomorrow.


  1. For my first pregnancy, the first time I felt the baby move was when I was in the audience listening to a world class flutist. I was totally psyched. This baby loves music!

    Overall, my babies were not that active. laid back, compared to the way other moms described their baby's activity level. Maybe this one will be a laid back kid.

  2. Most of them have been pretty active or at least predictable. I would eat and lay down and then, ping, ping. I am sure I felt the baby several weeks ago but it had been WEEKS so I have been pushing that all to the back of my mind. It was a relief to feel the little one in action. Laid back would be nice too as Ingrid is very active and into everything!

  3. Very glad that you had such a wonderful day, and in particular that you felt your little one moving about today. Christ be praised.

  4. Ingrid didn't move a lot either though? Or at least that's the way I interpreted your worrying over the lack of motion. :-)

  5. Thank you for reminding me Anna. Frankly I have a hard time remembering what I felt and with whom. This business of having a person growing inside of you can be a little unnerving at times so am thankful for any words of reminding me of past experience. Sigh.