Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another nice day

The Divine Service was very nice this morning with the youth choir singing, a chance to play my horn, the addition of and dedication of the Crucifix to the Sanctuary, and a great sermon and of course the icing on the cake, the Lord's Supper. People other than me, made some yummy stuff for the bake sale for Haiti and that all went well too. I've decided not to bake anymore for bake sales but will buy people who are able to bake ingredients so they can make even more awesome stuff for bake sales. I seem to suffer failure mode when it comes to such undertakings but other people make lovely stuff so will continue helping in other areas as I am able.

After Bible class I zipped home to catch a quick bike ride before heading out to another event. It was beautiful out today compared to yesterday with the sun shining, warmer temperatures and no wind. The sun was shining in my eyes and I almost ran into a jogger going down a hill but thankfully saw him in time to veer out of the way. The joggers were out in force. Another jogger and I took turns going down the little path of clear pavement at the top of another hill. The only wildlife I saw today was a very large hawk that I spooked and it flew up in a tree above where I was riding.

The kids and I had a nice time at a friends daughters birthday celebration. The cake was fabulous and the fresh veges and humus dip were worthy of seeking out the recipe. Even though we were there over two hours the kids thought we had just gotten there and didn't want to leave.

This evening I had fun making focaccia bread for my family and decided it was time to throw out some older spices and get some fresher, yummier spices to.........spice things up. This baby seems to like fresh fruits and veges and wonderful breads and pastas. Must be another Italian. We are enjoying watching the Olympics together and eating yummy bread. Oops, an American just goofed up the Mogels. Oh well. Hoping tomorrow proves productive. The kids are getting skiing fever from watching all this skiing. I think I will polish off the evening by cleaning out my purse and getting rid of the credit cards that I never use. Sounds like a plan!!! Loved the Flylady credit card funeral post. Good idea. They are just a temptation lurking in the wallet.....hmmmmm. Nighty, nighty!

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  1. I had a pleasant day too, mostly because I got to stay home and relax. The musical was pretty exhausting, and it meant five late nights in a row. ugh. I was happy to do it with Rob, but the music was frankly not that interesting, and it went on an on. The show itself was 2 hr., 40 min. (plus a 15 min. intermission makes three hours). We were playing almost all the time. A two minute rest here and there was it. my part was 264 pages - wow, did that take patience. Often I was just doubling an instrumental line, so it was super simple.
    At any rate, yesterday I did laundry, swept the floor, caught up on some e-mails.

    I should throw out some older spices too. don't know if I'll get around to that.