Saturday, February 13, 2010

Biking today

Yes, I am still catching some bike rides here and there. The roads were clear enough that I did not have to dodge too many snow covered areas. I was a bit slower than usual and then......pregnancy adds extra annoyances like needing to find a potty which there are none on this route. I was WAY south of town and began to toy with finding some area and thinking it must be nice to be a guy as this situation is not only easier but of course less shocking to anyone else who might accidentally come by. Needless to say (and I bet you didn't want to know all this) about the time I was thinking the area was clear I noticed a guy jogging along coming in my direction. Scratch that plan. I guess I could have scooted into the camp area the boys use for Scouts which I go by each time but.........onward I went. Exciting times. Not sure what to do about this issue...........

Then, there was an area that was QUITE slushy and there was an ongoing truck with a plow. He sped up and made sure to spray me with slush while going by. Nice. The traffic seemed heavier than usual. That was the first time anything like that had happened.

It was a little colder than I originally thought or it got colder so it took a little longer to get warm when I got home. I still enjoy the winter biking and biking in general. Not sure how long I will keep this up but things seem to be going fine. I am hoping the weather does warm up a little here some time soon. In March last year the snow was mostly gone and freezing rain started so I suppose I should be happy to just be able to get out.

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