Friday, February 19, 2010

Fighting disorganization and clutter

Before my trip to IKEA yesterday I mused on what in the world would help put this place more in order. I couldn't really decide and then.......Sandy emails about the children's choir listening to some of the Ft. Wayne Children's choir recordings while she is gone to hear what a choir sounds like. SO.........thank you Sandy, I was thinking it might be really nice to have some place for our cds to call home. (If you give a mouse a cookie.......) At the moment they are here, there and everywhere and with that email I sort of pulled my hair out some wondering where my cds were at the moment! I ended up getting a dvd, cd shelf and another book shelf which will move out of the 'new' room when Charley gets the book shelves done sometime soon. I can never have too many book shelves and when I do I will start passing them on to the kids as they get places of their own. I also ended up getting a somewhat 'rough' looking shelving unit to put some of our larger appliances on rather than have them crammed in the kitchen cabinet. I am VERY excited to clear out some stuff and get other things organized. So far so good, the kids have enthusiastically collected all of their DVDs and brought them to the new shelves and I am going to have loads of fun going through the CDs and figuring out that mess. Goodwill is going to get some donations after this.


  1. You're welcome, Karin. :-)
    I gasped at your next sentence: I was thinking it might be really nice to have some place for our cds to call home. LOL. I have plenty of unorganized mess at my house, but can you imagine if the cds at my place had no place to call home??!! We all have our challenges. :-)

    We have far too many DVDs and I personally question even owning that many. I can see owning them for children. But really - how many times are we going to watch the same movie? I understand there are classics and there are worthwhile documentaries and all that. But there is also the space/sanity argument. I hate spending so much time managing all this "stuff".

  2. We did round up all the DVD's and there weren't as many as I thought but we are examining them to decide if they are worth keeping. A lot of them are the kid's though from gifts so I suppose they will in theory eventually disappear. I am going to go for Netflix here soon for this very reason of only so much space to go around!!!! Your house appears organized to me though Sandy and perhaps it is that wonderful CD case Rob built. No, my pittance of CD's are not coming your way. :o)