Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I keep going back and forth with Matthew's school choices for next year. Now I am back to leaning towards him staying home. Matthew and I talked again this morning on the way to piano and back. What I have been thinking about the last couple days is that Matthew has worked harder than most 14 year olds I know considering he completed High School Biology, and now is half way through and doing well in Chemistry. All the other subjects I mentioned in a previous blog post (perhaps on my old blog) are a lot of work. He has Scouts as well and is very active at church too. So........I was thinking it might be nice to slow down a bit next year and concentrate on his weak areas. It would be nice for him to enjoy some of his High School years and not get bogged down with so MANY subjects. Our Literary Program is intense with tons of reading and so is History. I know for myself I learned more about history from simply reading and not doing so much text book work. We can still use the Mystery of History as a guide and a point of reference but doing all sorts of extra assignments and note taking is not what I think will help him the most right now.

Decisions, decisions. One obvious part of the decision is the financial and I guess in reality it would be asking a lot of everyone to experience a huge cut and not be as free to do things with others, help out others where needed, etc.

Maybe I will change my mind again but this is looking more likely at the moment. I would like to give him more opportunity to spend with others in some capacity so will have to think about that some more.

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