Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Documenting Benjamin's progress

For my benefit I am going to try to record how Benjamin is doing so either I will be discouraged a month from now or say "Wow, I feel better now". I'll keep it short. At the moment he is on lesson 23C and working on counting by fives. He still can not keep his numbers straight in even counting by ones to 50 so I am hoping to count with him every day to practice, practice, practice. I need to make a list to keep with his book. I like Saxon Grade two for this reason as it went through this sort of thing every day. Somewhere in my house I have the teachers guide. I need to hunt it down and USE IT! So at the moment he can barely count to ten, does know the concept of adding, and knows a little bit of skip counting but not consistently.

In reading, he is just starting to sound out words like mat and sat. Sigh. We could be much further along but I am taking the plunge and having him work on Explode the Code book one to at least start reading words and teach him sight words like 'the' and 'a' as we go. This was so much easier when there were fewer kids to keep track of.

My other goal for Benjamin is to read to him more. That almost seems like the hardest thing as by the time we get done with his school work I am exhausted. I will have to use the philosophy of reading a little bit is better than nothing at all.

Stay tuned hopefully for progress both on his part and mine.

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  1. Ah! We have the same child! And the same curriculum. All my friends despise Saxon math and I think it's pretty good. And we love, love, love Explode the Code. She is so proud of herself because it's something she can do all on her own. Have fun!