Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yes, yes, Cindy is the best!

Of course what I meant in that last post was that the only interesting friend I have is Cindy! :o) She tells me interesting things and I love it! The rest of you must just be sort of.....boring. :o) In fact I just humor you all that I am listening intently while visiting you and now the truth is out. Rats. Whatever am I going to do???? Now you all will KNOW what I am THINKING!!!! Argh! But in the meantime I am thinking of when next to get together with Cindy and probably even her very interesting husband and children. I wonder if they are free in the next few weeks??? I will totally understand if my phone no longer rings or if you look indignant and run in the other direction when you see me coming since now you know.



  1. Y'know that social-skills curriculum I mentioned on Loopers? It's called "Thinking About You Thinking About Me" and the point is to teach impaired kids to recognize that they can know what other people are thinking, and how, and why. But it's no trick to figure out what Karen is thinking about us. She just says point-blank that we're boring and she's faking interest when she's around us.


  2. Perhaps I need the book??? :o) Or perhaps my friends (if I had any) and my family should read it for my sake?