Monday, February 22, 2010

Strategies consistently every day with him and try to find all my old nursery rhyme, counting, circle time type stuff and torture him inundating him with INFORMATION!

Older kids.........they miss a common math problem, they have to review all their math facts again. Staying home and riding herd on them and perhaps lose Saturdays till they can figure out what I mean by getting their homework done without constant monitoring. (Give up Saturdays forever?)

Oldest kids.......not getting much math done.......same as above. Their writing confidence as far as the manual, get the words quickly down on paper and be able to read it, ability is LACKING TERRIBLY! Their thoughts are fine but they just can't write fast enough. So.......I am having them do copy work from their favorite books three times a week and this week five times. I want them to SEE their progress and see the process in practice. Sigh. Can I remember all this?

Me. Grade, grade, grade, stay present as much as possible so I can keep them accountable to their mistakes and duh......(my favorite word lately) give them more time in instruction. I feel much like a slave driver. I'm also trying to do as much of the house work as possible so if you arrive at my home and it is dump......reread the above. I should market "Finite Creature" plaques instead of those "My house was clean last week, sorry you missed it" plaques. I bet I could make quite a bit of money on that one. Of course I would have to fit in shipping time etc and then hiring people to fill all the orders.


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