Monday, February 15, 2010

Teaching Benjamin

Teaching Benjamin can be more exhausting than biking ten plus miles. He loses his books all the time and now I have insisted he has them or can show me where they are before each meal or he doesn't eat. This morning he could not find his math book. It was backwards on the shelf so he couldn't identify it as his. Eyes rolling. It is sort of a game. He does not make progress as there are too many breaks in between lessons for not knowing where his stuff is. So........somehow he needs to be my mission between now and the end of the year to make progress. Consistency is sort of a challenge with him. I think I said that already. We always seem to be starting over or back tracking so the motivation to be consistent is not exactly there if every time I work with him it is a hair pulling out experience. So......Benjamin and I are in mission status. I need to find every annoying counting and skip counting recording, learning anything recording and torture the family with it to perhaps give Benjamin a little boost. Phew.

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