Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting it all done

As Susan pointed out, getting to everyone and everything is complicated. It is Friday and I am pretty exhausted. Mount Ironing keeps screaming at me every weekend and I don't think I have gotten any of that done since December or before. But there are still papers to grade and I should think about planning for next week. Everything goes more smoothly planned. This week became a little more complicated with an unexpected social date for some of the boys but we adjust and roll with the punches. I do feel like the kids got a lot done and did my best to keep up. But....repeating myself.........I do wish I could figure out a way to make things less intense around here. It is Friday afternoon and I have more things screaming for me to take care of and I don't feel much like moving. I keep getting up to do this and that, including cleaning up Ingrid's latest mess making (as many wipes as she can pull out of the container while I left to check on Benjamin helping in the kitchen), and I hope I regain some energy so maybe I can put away the current laundry pile and run some more.

Next year, I am basically hoping (love how I start thinking about this in February), to simplify and keep tweaking my older kids weaknesses and trying to push the younger ones along so they don't have these deficits when they are older, thus making my life a little less painful. It is the younger ones we are going to concentrate more energy to in the cooperative effort with the Stuckwisch's

Yes, I still feel effective use of our homeschooling time is actually implementing the curriculum but I know I have at least one student who is drowning in work so I am toying with doing his work in quarters - lots of Grammar in one quarter and then no more - Lots of Math in the next quarter and then not as much expected. Maybe then he can concentrate on those subjects and do them well and thoroughly without cramming as much in as possible during each day.

And so it goes and so I will keep rambling.........

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