Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Knitting and other such

I have not blogged in a while but will attempt an update. I am watching Julie and Julia right at the moment, with the boys. is ok. I think I am annoyed they paired the younger actor from "The Devil Wears Prada" with Meryl Streep as husband and wife. A little weird. Will have to check Julia Child's real history to see if she married someone 20 years younger than her.

Knitting........I MUST finish a project. There is a little dress I desperately want to finish for Ingrid before the next baby is born. If I knew it was a boy or girl, I would finish a few other projects which the new little tyke could use. Hopefully my someday grandchildren will get something completed from me. I also have a baby afghan I would love to finish as it is very cute. Focusing is not my forte the last few years in this department.

I am otherwise dreaming of the garden and perhaps getting my fantasy of raised beds fulfilled and I will splurge for the plastic to prevent the weeds and maybe have something attractive to greet people when they come through the gate.

School is struggling along and helping my older kids especially to keep their focus and complete their math and science while the sun is warming things up and tempting everyone to give up, is a challenge. Keeping up is a little wearying but am trying. I think my main role is keeping the little people out of their hair as much as possible so maybe they can focus.

My bees are all dead so need to figure that all out but the kind of bees that come in 'packages' are not the same size as my hive equipment so again.........problem solving. I think I will put off writing an email about that one till tomorrow. Putting that much effort into an email about bees needs a good night sleep and a cup of coffee.

Perhaps I will go buy a friend some flowers tomorrow. She could use some. Sigh. Chocolate might be a good plan too.

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