Friday, May 7, 2010

Anna home

Clearly she is ecstatic to be home. She spent the morning trying to make some more room in her room by throwing things out and asking where to put stuff that she won't need till the fall. Ingrid was delighted to have her home listening to Sesame Street on Anna's laptop. It was sweet. Stefan announced to Anna that he could burp. Cool.

I am tired in the extreme. Muddling through people's math and grammar lessons and oh they love it. I can tell. I am going to become wicked over this whole avoid grammar and math thing. School happens.

Now I need to leave to go get shot. Can't wait. I should also stop and pick up some groceries but only what we have to have as I want the family to eat down the freezer. I will try not to fall asleep on the way to and from seeing the nurse......exciting times as usual.

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