Sunday, June 6, 2010

Count down

I've started to slow down in stores and ponder tiny onesies with no stains on them and how small they are. Baby is not SO far off. Between now and then (about six weeks) the boys have a Scout camp out, Boy Scout camp itself, the 4H Fair (I think we are not doing this again after this year), Anna has Higher Things, and then.......somewhere around that time is baby time. In between these events we want to throw out and give away as many things as we can lay our hands on. So far so good. The amount of garbage we have found laying around in the kids rooms We now have a plethora of bowls and silver ware safely back where they belong.

I have also very recently been remembering that after other babies have been born I felt so 'mobile' afterwards that it was incredible. Wow. I am feeling pretty immobile now but for some odd reason can still walk behind the lawn mower. The thought of going down the steps to get something from the freezer is far harder to do for some reason.

Stefan and Ingrid have been charming my socks off (it is summer so that is not so hard). Stefan talks my ears off and Ingrid mimics him and her vocabulary is booming! She has been saying the funniest things and even is beginning to dress herself AND the most amazing ability she has observed and acquired is foraging in the kitchen. Amazing. This must mean I don't feed her enough? Or she has a healthy appetite.

Teaching Anna to drive has been way too much fun. We have covered lots of bases with little mishap. We need to hit in town driving a little harder but she has learned A LOT in a short amount of time. We even have a driving cd with spy music she made special for these lessons. I started instructing Charley how to drive Friday night..........he looked at me oddly which meant "no thank you".

Many interesting things going on..........need to turn my lame computer off. a little update going there.

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