Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Even MORE purging

I went through even MORE stuff today. The diapers etc. just happened to be in the line of fire while Ingrid was playing in the tub. I gifted Charley with all the 19 plus year old diapers and have only kept the cream of the crop. Stuff which I have held onto for years because it was given to me as a gift are now.........gone. I still have more work to do up there and should make that a priority to be organized for the baby. The biggest problem for us all is figuring out how to keep it organized.

I went through our towels and sheets. Half of them were towels from when I grew up and the rest were VERY worn out. We only use the towels in there which are nice so.......get rid of the rest. The sheets..........bits and pieces of sheet sets we used to have. Gone. They will make good woodworking rags. I now have room in the closet to put all the cream, sprays, contact junk, the few bottles of nail polish I possess into and not scattered all over the counter. Amazing! We might even be able to find our tooth brushes with only a glance.

The bedroom is ready to be painted!!!!! The crown molding has the nail holes filled by my amazing friend. Get 'er done! I dusted and washed the floor and am slowly (or maybe not so slowly) sifting through the junk which occupied the underneath side of our bed. I am hoping that some of the precious stuff which was being stored will actually become something attractive on the wall, nicely arranged. Wow. I do regret not getting Ingrid's baby picture taken and put up with all the rest. I will have to find one of our home pictures to blow up and include with the rest.

The garden still looms and I don't know how I will be able to do that too. I still try to do fun things with the kids so their summer will not be all about work. I can't do it all that is for sure. I have no doubt I will have to spend more time tomorrow putting away and organizing but perhaps making some yummy food for the slaves.

We did catch a band concert this evening at Notre Dame. That was fun. Tomorrow is another day.


  1. yay, yay, yay! Can't believe all the progress you're making. And I seriously think the best gift we all can give you when the baby comes, is a couple hours of garden tending!