Friday, June 18, 2010

More purging

Anna was inspired to go through the girl's clothes today. That was an adventure. We also went through some shoes and blankets. The stories you can tell going through clothes the kids have worn. It is amazing the memories attached to them. Despite all the memories we were able to get rid of ten plus garbage bags full of clothes etc. for the Seminary. We have TOO MANY CLOTHES! We picked out to keep those things we really loved and knew we would actually use. The stuff going to the Sem is also lovely but you can only use so much. Sadly many things were ruined in storage so we had a few garbage bags too. Dry rotted shorts, swimming suits etc. also had to leave. The most shocking thing I threw away today was my baby blankie. It is thread bare and who is going to want it so.......I let it go. Sigh. I remember being in the basement of the house I grew up in, taking shelter from a tornado that really was only a block or two away from us and then realizing I left my blankie upstairs. I asked my parents if I could go get it. "NO" (duh). Fierce storms abounded tonight too, praying for friends, as I ruthlessly let the blankie go. No I am not going to go retrieve it.

We were supposed to paint today but got four to five hours side tracked by the girls clothes. Our friend's daughter dutifully sat and watched and listened to all the funny stories from the clothes. It was fun and funny. She even asked me to elaborate on some of the stories later. The one I skipped earlier was sort of a sad story so had to ponder how exactly to tell her. She seemed to understand. I have a weird ability to remember who gave us just about every piece of clothing and also who I remembered wearing them before we got them. A lot of stuff was from my parents as baby gifts, bday gifts etc. but after five boys and three girls........time to bless someone else.

That was our day. It was a good one outside of the raging storms. Time to go settle down with a book. Perhaps we will tackle the boys clothes tomorrow. We did this once before but we are now more ruthless..........

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