Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am TOTALLY ruthless now thanks to a little help from the daughter dear. I suppose someone could criticize such ruthlessness but it is completely true that I am no different than my children. I wear my favorite clothes A LOT and then the clothes that might work once in a while just........sit there in the closet and take up space. I usually am weeding through those clothes to find the same clothes that I wear all the time anyway. Same as the kids...........Benjamin, haven't you had that same shirt on for four days???? Okay, I'm not that bad but there is a quick turn around with the laundry.

Then there is 'stuff' and stupid papers. Today you can all beam at me as I threw away.......are you ready????? The ridiculous notebooks from "Marriage Encounter" which I would NOT want my children to find when I am dead AND have no intention of ever reading again and I seriously doubt the hubby will either. No I did not consult him. What does one write at one of those conferences ANYWAY?????? Nothing that we will cuddle up on the couch and read again together someday. I threw away one of my diaries from my childhood too as it only contained the most selfish, weird information anyway. Anne Franck I am not!!!! No poetic remembrances either. Not even anything deep!

The hard part is coming in the next few days. The unorganized, piles of papers MUST be tackled. We will have to have a bonfire if it ever stops raining to burn all the bank statements from the 90's on. How about all those old Sunday School materials which might be useful someday (NOT) or........all the kids memorabilia which guilts me in the containers. I will be the old woman in the nursing home with the baby pictures lined up to finally put in albums. Someday........

And so the decluttering continues. There are only so many weeks left. I am hoping to chase my husband with the hockey stick or some of the trim boards in the hallway, to get the trim up on our bedroom walls, put fresh paint on and get rid of several pieces of furniture. The old broken furniture HAS to go!!!!

I still do not want anyone to give us anything new either. Or at least it would be nice if some discretion is used and NO I can NOT be the clearing house for other people's clothes they can not use anymore. Sorry.......sounds mean but I really can not handle it. I do know some great people that go to the Seminary every once in a while so they clothes can just go directly there......

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  1. Oh my goodness, you did that Marriage Encounter thing once upon a time too? I'm sure those notebooks have been purged from this house too!

    Fun post. Hope you sleep well after a good day of de-cluttering.