Thursday, June 10, 2010

Balancing act

I have totally been feeling like a juggler on the home front. Yes, my kids are truly the most helpful kids a mom or dad could ask for but they also have a life and should have opportunity to spend time with friends etc. I do think people assume that I can not spare them at home so do not invite them to do things very often but of course that is not true either. I CAN spare them and get a little sad that they don't seem to have much friend interaction. I'm not sure what I can do to help in that department. I feel like the summer is going to flit by and it disturbs me a little that yet another summer will be remembered for all the work we did at home. "We" is everyone not just the Mom and Dad. We will most likely quit the fair after this summer especially where animals are concerned so MAYBE next summer can be a little more free to have fun together as a family or with friends. I can start to feel a little panicked for being the glue to keep everything together and running as smoothly as possible but still take things one day at a time.

Later this month is my parent's 50th anniversary so will be at least getting together for a dinner out. That should be nice.

My brother has worked for about eight years on a wooden boat which he has made in his garage. He has invited us to the launching of the boat near Chicago so will have to decide if we are all going or just some of us. At that point I will be in my ninth month so may keep the youngest kids home while Charley goes with the older kids. I hope someone will take pictures though.

My dad and Charley's dad played dueling little strokes in the last two weeks. They are both fine but have had medication alterations. Being eighty something is tricky. We need to get to Illinois for a visit to Charley's parents so will have to work that out. Perhaps he and Anna can go with a few of the kids when she plays in Chesterton in a few weeks.

I personally am feeling fine in the pregnancy department and sort of forget that is even a factor. I'm grateful that things have settled down in the false labor department. I SO want to get SO much done in the house that I have to remind myself and Charley that the reason I might be tired might have something to do with being close to baby time. Every moment seems busy with getting stuff done so down time is appreciated but few and far between.

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