Thursday, June 10, 2010

They have each other

I have always prayed that my children remain close as they grow up. I have thought about how perhaps I am TOO close to my kids in some ways as we get along very well. Well, duh.......that is not so bad. My kids know how to party with each other. They also actually usually like each other. The boys went to visit Anna in the spring and it was so nice to see how happy they all were in the pictures they took (I wasn't there). My older kids take remarkable care of the younger ones and talk to them like they are human and not just annoying little siblings. I suppose I can hold out hope that they will continue to get along as they grow up and go their separate ways. I have the oddest conversations with them. We talk about the younger kids endearing qualities and things seem to strike us funny at similar times. Perhaps we are too easily amused. I have worried we are too close too at times like I said before so obviously this is not all bad. My friends growing up were almost always outside of my family so perhaps I wish my kids spent time more with other people their age. I'm just thinking out loud here so this is not pointed at anyone locally - take heart - this is just something I have observed about this bunch of kids of mine. I'm just puzzling out what is different about their child hood. I did love having girls to talk with and commiserate with as a young person and then the guys...........well, I just got along with them and did not have lots of deep conversations with them. I guess facebook sort of does this for them and my kids have made some hilarious, close friendships there. Friendships don't have any particular recipe so I'm grateful for the times they have with other kids no matter how it happens. It doesn't matter where I am going with the kids, we always have a great time. Sure there are the serious times too but usually we are laughing. So..........I am thankful for all of these things. It is good.

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