Monday, June 7, 2010

Daily summer life

I think I have been home long enough from vacation to tackle the yard and more decluttering. When I am sitting around I can just SEE the junk that needs to leave. I find it easier to mow the lawn though than get through the junk around here. Junk is overwhelming. My brain has been doing a juggling act trying to help the kids balance garden work, work their dad wants done and then keeping up with the house and food. The older kids still have math to finish up so that has to squeeze in someplace. Sigh. At least it is not humid and yucky out today so I feel like I can focus on some of these things myself.

Anna found a whole bunch of pictures from when she and Erik were toddlers. Very interesting. We were sorting some of the girls clothes this morning so the clothes we had just gone through were in these pictures. My kids need NOTHING!!!! Neither do I really. As many times as I have seen stuff wrecked I continue to hope that we can pare down Christmas AGAIN so we don't start the vicious cycle over again.

Time to go do some more laundry and fight the good fight.

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