Saturday, June 19, 2010

The rules

We have now filled half of our 15 passenger van with stuff to give away. You read correctly. I do know a few others who have accomplished this feat. Charley did ask if there was anything left for the children to wear but trust me......there is. Today was boys clothes. Anna enthusiastically informed me that if the baby is a girl we will just have to have another baby and it better be a boy. She wants six brothers and she thinks the clothes are cute. Okay then. Sounds logical to me.

The rules of getting rid of stuff were this. If no one hardly ever wore it - give it away. If it was white, had writing on it, or resembled a bumble bee - give it away. If it was some weird piece of clothing which matched with nothing we have - give it away. If three children had worn it over and over again and never touched the beautiful clothes that remained - give it away (or throw it away). We are just tired of seeing the same outfits for that long. :o)

If it had many holes in it - throw it away. If it was stained to badly - throw it away. There were a few 'family relics' which also went bye bye - shocking.

Things we found - three social security cards. Um........some pictures that might get put in an album someday. Some doo dads of my grandparents which the children might break I did save as perhaps someday I might want to actually use them. This was a few little items.

Blankets - a few afghans shockingly left. Some baby blankets which we personally have too many of - left. A twin bedroom set which was mine as a kid - left. It is too nice basically and we are too countrified.

The paper bins will be the most painful but perhaps we will find my birth certificate so I can renew my license some day and perhaps a few random car titles that seem to be missing. I hope also to have the kids thin out the toys again even if they want to store some of their legos for their own personal stash, that would be fine with me. There is so much temptation to just trash our basement that it really needs to leave rather than continue the toy headache. Writing this makes me tired.

Progress has been made. We laugh our heads off at the ridiculous stuff we have kept and hopefully can find enough time to make some more progress soon. Tomorrow we will definitely rest!

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