Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hardly sluggards

The sugar season (maple syrup) is a lot of work when you don't have the modern convenience of tubing through the woods.   There are some 200 or so buckets out there and the water hsa been running like crazy the last few days.   I am waiting till our five year old wakes up, to get the older kids up to go out and start collecting.   Sigh.   It is way too busy right now for me.   Cecilia has a piano competition on Saturday and somehow I am trying to keep things calm enough so she can find time to practice and relax and feel confident.   She will do great I am sure.   Then somewhere in there I am sort of giving up on school right now and asking the kids to keep reading as they are able.   I am doing my best to not worry about what the house looks like either.   This is all a bit tricky.    Time to go make bunches of food for their tummies.  

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