Saturday, December 1, 2012

In-law update

Stepping into my in-laws apartment this past week, I was greeted by the happiest woman.   Mom was all smiles and eager to tell me all of her adventures.   Not sure if I have even had a chance to mention that my in-laws are settled in assisted living now and it is going very well for both of them.   Mom is able to do what she wants knowing that her husband is in good hands.    She was getting him ready to go on a scenic drive when I got there and seemed far less impatient with him over getting moving so they could go.    There are so many opportunities there for her to intermingle with people and to simply get out of her four walls.   I am so very pleased for her.   I am pleased for him too as he is well taken care of and she can do what she can to help with that but is not bound to do it all.   Being more rested is awesome for anyone.  

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