Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I am trying to get a handle on how to read Shakespeare because I want to.   When I read Shakespeare, I start to Shakespeare speak.   I ordered a book this morning to help me figure out how to read the lesser known plays.   I suppose this is Karin giving herself a crash course in Shakespeare, even if it takes a year.   I can't even remember the name of the play I am reading now....pause to check.  I think it is called "Two Gentleman" and now I am currently getting lost in what is going on.  

I am sure this is too lofty a goal to try to work on right now but hey, I am tired of being ignorant of all things Shakespeare.   I  only know a little.   My high school English teacher, who I loved and sadly can't remember her name, was awesome at helping us understand what we were reading.   I have carried that reading with me to other books read and I also get to understand some of the more subtle jokes in movies etc.   That seems like a fun reason to read the plays right?   Hopefully I don't look back at this post months from now and realize I forgot to keep reading them.   Here goes!

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  1. I remember a talk-back after one of the plays we attended. The actors insisted that plays are to be WATCHED and HEARD, not read. Yes, when you know the story, you may find enjoyment in going back to read it ... in essence "hearing" and "seeing" the play you already saw. Or, if you're really fabulous at it, maybe you can read the words and conjure up a play to imagine you're watching.

    All this to say, if it's hard to READ them, don't scold yourself too much but instead find a good production of it to watch first. Good luck and have fun with this venture! Some day I would like to try it too!