Monday, June 1, 2015

Writing it down

I am frequently reminded lately of the transitions all around me in my life and in friends lives.   Births, graduations, weddings and funerals do happen all the time but I am the meat in the sandwich right now so it is all pretty intense.  Either that or I am just more attuned to it.  All of the grandparents are still living and I want to write down my thoughts etc as we walk this road.   A friends mother recently died and I saw her and didn't even offer my condolences.  Ugh.

 Everyone is mostly quietly walking along through this life journey and we care for each other even if it is through a quiet prayer of thanksgiving or plea for mercy for them.  I tend to pray these things as I see them in passing and they are having a rough time.  If I go to a wedding I know better the flux they are going through as their children move to the next stage of life.  It is a new stage for the parents too.  Reading of my friends coming home from their kids weddings to quiet.  Sigh.  It isn't too quiet here yet at my home and only have one chick flown to her own husband and now baby girl, but I being a people watcher, I am sort of quietly aware of those new and different experiences for my friends.

I will keep this own transition now is my dad's mind failing him.  I am overwhelmed with how had this is to watch.  The daily stress of his caretakers patiently working with him.  My mom took care of him as long as she was physically and mentally able.  I visited him this past weekend in his new home in memory care.  Sigh.  He is so different but glimmers of familiarity.   True grammar nazis will take it to the grave even if the corrected is not making any grammatical errors.   Grammar, grammar, grammar.

To be continued.......


  1. Hey, am I by any chance the person you didn't offer condolences to? If so, don't you worry your pretty little head about -- there are much bigger things going on in your life.

    Did I even get to TALK to you at the wedding last week? I saw you and wanted to sit down and have a good visit. But, as is the wont of such great parties, there are too many people to be able to relish each person as much as I'd like. (And besides, given my health situation, my goal for the day was mostly to keep standing and functioning as long as possible. Getting full pleasure out of that day, enjoying all those people I so seldom see but who are so dear to my heart, that was more than my energy level could dream of achieving.)

    I'm sorry about your dad's struggles. It must be hard on you all. Jesus is faithful, and He will never forget His promises to you, no matter whether we forget, or whether we're too busy being His hands to serve others, or whether we're just wiped out and too tired. I'm glad you have your fellow saints and your pastors to fill you up with Him in your weariness.

    (And I type all this, thinking that surely you weren't referring to me anyway. Surely it was somebody else, and I'm just thinking that I Am The Center Of The World. [ugh] But *if* you did mean me, I didn't realize until now that you didn't offer condolences. Thing is, maybe you did tell me you were sorry about my mom, and see how well I remember?....)

    You are perfect. Jesus says so. And He's right.

  2. It was you Susan. I too think I am the center of the universe and that I am the only one who has elderly parents who suffer and only I have challenges. Lord have Mercy. I too wanted to sit with you and talk. Sigh. Should schedule a detour on my next Minnesota journey. You are dear to me despite rarely seeing you and are in my prayers. I am thankful for my pastors as you aptly remind me and they do support me with the sweet gospel and the means of grace. Thanks be to God. My condolences as you grieve the loss of your mother Susan. I never thought my parents aging would be this hard but fellow saints will see me through and support as needed as I am sure yours have as well. Hugs and love.

  3. It would be fun to see you. But I've got trips to Illinois while you're making your trips to Minnesota. Ah, two ships passing in the night .... :-) I wonder if we'll be able to make it work out.

    Thank you for your condolences. But you know what? Even if you never said that, I would rejoice in your faithful plugging away at how you serve the people near you (family, extended family, neighbors, church folks). It's awesome to see how much people CARE, that you would even notice whether you had said something to me, what with how many people who need your love and attention (and cooking skills and wild laundry ability) each day.