Sunday, November 1, 2015

Richness in Learning

Sticking closer to home has resulted in a steady increase in learning experience.  Our day begins as soon as we can manage it with Catechesis.  Cecilia has been working on playing the hymn of the week on the piano with us so that in itself riches our experience.  I've felt for a long time that the practice of praying and singing together has the added benefit of the kids learning what it means to sing well.  I learned from hearing my parents and growing up in a rich music environment. The environment of music does matter in being able to carry a tune that's for sure.

This year we have revived the read aloud.  Training their little ears to pay attention to hearing books in general read.  The kids ask questions while we read, everything is enhanced with better understanding of word use and a clearer picture of the characters of biographies and fiction which shape our history and world. If I read some random fact I didn't know before than I tell them.  I think it adds to their love of learning knowing their mom doesn't know everything and is still learning.

The rest of our day in stepping through teaching the little people to read and work on their math.  I love watching their faces in the effort.  They can hardly contain themselves as reading gets easier.  The action verb of learning is very cool to watch.   Most of the kids have music to practice and I have tried to take a much larger role in their practicing and helping them with their goals.  I can't lie, working with our cello player is loads of fun as I love the instrument and my little cello player is very connected with his work.  My brain feels like it overflows with happy as learning continues.

I think I'm addicted to learning.  There seriously are days when I don't want to stop teaching.  These are my little charges and I'm thankful I still have the opportunity to play a part in their education.  I have about three weeks left to keep up this pace before we take a little break.   I want to make everyone's books to see where they are now and where we end up.  Focusing on learning at home has been a huge blessing this year.

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