Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dagwood sandwich

I am feeling a tiny bit like a Dagwood sandwich.    I have nine kids under me and then there is the husband and his parents above me.   I am sort of in the middle and do what I can to keep the peace around here.   No one is being particularly troublesome but it is a bit to keep up with.   I have always had a strong need for alone time ever since I can remember.    Well......alone is not what I would call myself.    Like I said, no one is doing anything horrific but everyone has their quirks including me and since that is quirks times thirteen (I think) including my neighbor who comes over to help, I am having trouble not wanting even more alone time than would be reasonable.   There are really fourteen different sets of quirks including me.   Have I mentioned quirks and alone time.   Yeah.....I guess I have.    We are muddling along and the elder group is learning the meaning of patiently not being the only ones contending for my attention.  Tomorrow is another day......

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