Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flower power

Flowers have some sort of power over my thrift.   I love outdoor plants.  I kill indoor plants.   My favorite plant nursery is full of miniature plants and they are so very cute.   The owner creates fairy gardens with tiny little houses and people and tiny little live plants.   It appeals to my creative self.   Erik and I went down for my first visit of the year to take a look around.   We actually ended up buying a pink dogwood to plant back near where our little one is buried.   It was Erik's idea and I thought it was a good one.   One favorite part of biking in the country, is seeing other people's flowering trees, shrubs and gardens.   I am hoping to prettify the whole area around where the tree is planted.   I did plant tulips there last fall but the deer thought they were the salad bar so will have to rethink what to plant there for next year.   I got a few woodland flowers as well to light up the entrance to the woods.   My 85 year old father-in-law enjoys a nice walk through the woods so cleaning it up and making that safer and more enjoyable will be something fun to work on with the kids.   May is creeping up and the temptation to forsake the kids schooling to live outdoors annually becomes quite the battle.   Maybe I can garden by moonlight too.   Hmmm.....

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