Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer so far

I haven't blogged in awhile.   I've been planting and weeding the garden, going to the pool with the kiddos and trying to catch up on everyone's doctor appointments.   That about sums it up.   Our lawn mower has been out of commission for weeks, our 15 passenger van has been out of commission for weeks and we bought a little old Toyota for the kids whenever they need a car.   This car I think has been adopted by Charley as it gets awesome mileage and the only kid with a license seems to be spending her summer in Bloomington.   Every day seems non-stop. this a blog post?   I guess it is more a report of why I rarely get online anymore.   I forgot to mention my bees.   The bees are doing fantastic.   I should post a picture of the stack of supers on the one.   Happy bees, happy we.   I have been able to clean up and organize my bee equipment after years of having no time at all to even face that mess.   It is so much easier to add a super when you know what you have.  And.....the pool is open of course so I will be spending as many afternoons as possible with the kids there soaking in summer. 

If anyone wants me......I'm in the yard, at the pool or running people around on errands etc.   Phew. 

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