Monday, October 22, 2012

Husband away

Karin will play. a lot, play with the kids,   He hasn't traveled much in years but it seems like things are cranking up again in that direction.   Back  then I only had three or four kids and I do remember climbing the walls a bit but I also remember putting them all to bed as soon as possible!    Right now I hear the most amazing screaming coming from the basement.    Hmmm.....I guess it is early to bed for her!   Just as soon as I pound out a few words more and off she goes to la la land.   I become somewhat zero tolerance when I know that it is me against the herd.  

The first few weeks hubby traveled back in the nineties, I was all distressed and whoa is me. occurred to me that there are two modes of me which had to be!   The dad is at home mode where we could conquer and divide and the dad is away mode.   I put on my single mother hat and made do.   I made sure the meals were planned, food was purchased and then hunkered down on the homestead.   Our pastor at the time was always very concerned for my well being so that was sweet.   I still bump into him from time to time and remember those days.   Once hubby was in Spain and France when a train was in an accident in a tunnel over there so he had a cautious approach to ask me if I had heard from him.  

This time round is not much different.   I will get used to this drill.   He has a job so that is good.   He has decisions to make about that job and whether to stick with that company after 26 years.   I take on little projects of setting stronger routines with kids and extinguishing the screaming of small people or at least work on it is a bit harder.   One day down.......

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