Friday, November 9, 2012

Politics, the Constitution and the Catechism

Politics today seem to mean that we should not feel good about having a specific opinion about anything.   If you believe something to be true, then it offends people as you are not open minded.   The catechism and catehesis are related to politics.   If you understand the difference between our faith and government, between our Constitution, the law and how freedoms are effected by the interpretation of the law, then a person can *think* and draw conclusions based on something and not on Tupperware party rah, rah sessions.  

Studying the Catechism grounds your knowledge of what your opinions are about murder (abortion), work ethic, love of neighbor, etc.   You love your neighbor by listening to their views but  your love of neighbor does not mean condoning adultery and murder and deceit.

Teach your children what you believe and what GOD commands.  Ground them to be able to hear red flags when they hear them.   Teach your children about the Constitution, if you live in America.  Ground them in what it means to be American or what it did mean.   I read a lot of history growing up and my teachers actually did understand the Constitution but today I am thinking that it isn't taught or discussed.   I want my kids to understand.  I want a LOT of kids to understand.   I am sad how we  have become more and more a country which believes in entitlement and that is NOT what the country was grounded and built on.  

I am sure I am not waxing eloquent, but the election was disturbing to me and the lack of reason in voting decisions was also disturbing.   I would like to know the reason people voted for who they voted no matter which side.   Did they understand?   I actually do not love voting for local races which I have little to no knowledge of the candidates.   Disturbing.   I leave those blank much of the time.   But why do we vote for who we vote for?   Why?   Help me understand.  

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