Thursday, November 8, 2012

Staying home more

Now that my in-laws are moved to a better situation for everyone, I need to guard my time and calendar from trips out of the house with vigilance.   Every time I have to leave it is as if I have thrown the whole day away.    My hubby is working three hours away for three days of the week right now and that will probably become the norm.    We home educate......that might require being home.   I hate how it is assumed since my kids are at home that their appointments can be made any time of the day.   With dad away and then mom is away.....ugh.  Does not work.   I have been thinking much about the benefit to the kids to just be home with them and the dividends are small children who are more settled and secure and older kids who are also more secure and not weaseling out of their responsibilities.   More later......


  1. I've learned this first hand this year. Hubby has taken on some of the running for me, so I'm actually home(!) able to cook and keep up on cleaning and laundry and lots of education for the youngest set. It is amazing to me how much more relaxed overall I am. Yes I feel guilty that Dad is more busy, but he keeps telling me he doesn't mind (maybe it also has something to do with a more relaxed wife and home he comes home too!)

  2. Exactly Glenda. Hubby doing more running here too. Maybe we are just old and tired of chasing after some sort of ideal???? It is awesome.