Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hubbard Chicken

This is a friend's recipe for dressed up chicken which the whole family enjoys and guests might be impressed as well.


Buy or cut up chicken into parts and skin them, counting enough pieces for each family member plus a few extras for the teenagers.

Lay in your favorite tribal cookware pan.  I use my stoneware bar pan usually.

In a food processor mix several slice of stale bread, a few tablespoons dried oregano, one onion quartered, surge for a few seconds till in a consistent crumbly blend.

Sprinkle mix overtop of chicken and bake at 375 degrees for around an hour depending on the meatiness of the chicken.  Nothing spells disaster like undercooked chicken right?   I tend to cook it till I see the bone showing......definitely done.  Bread crumb mix keeps skinless meat moist and yummy.


  1. Huh. No squash. I saw "Hubbard" and figured it had something to do with squash, and that you were substituting pumpkin. Because that's what you do: hide pumpkin in things. Right? ;-P

  2. Hubbard after the family it is named after. Every dish is named right? Yes.....I do sneak pumpkin into....almost everything.....or at least it can be done.