Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tribal Cooking

I am going to attempt to record my thrift of feeding many.   I might be able to rate them per cost and many the reader needs to bear in mind that if you don't have an ingredient, it won't ruin the recipe usually.   I tend to take ideas from both meals I've actually eaten in a restaurant which shouldn't cost ten dollars a plate and just altering standards.   I should just start a new blog devoted to large family feeding survival.  We presently have ten at home and used to feed 14 or so a night depending on guests.

Names of my meals vary.......taco stuff, lasagna stuff......family favorites.   Hubbard chicken, mom's chicken, then barbecue chicken (boring name).  Everyone names their food right?   Credit will be given where credit is due to inspiration of food.  Our menu sort of evolves with boredom or adventure.  


  1. One of our recipe-names is "Damaif." It stands for "Don't Ask Me Again; It's Food." The name developed the night that SEVEN other people in my home asked me for the EIGHTH time "What's that?"

    So "taco stuff" and "lasagna stuff" is much more precise than "damaif."

    I like your recipes. They're a lot like how I cook. And you give me ideas when my idea-comer-upper-with is being lazy and defective. Cheers!