Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday - party day

I did revel in this day today. Friday we have our piano lessons in the morning and otherwise I have declared Fridays, fun days for our family. I did try to organize a play day but then in light of the stress of the week decided that I just needed to chill out today with my peeps. Piano lessons were fun and relaxing and the kids all did well to my knowledge. After lessons we went to the piano store and picked up some fun music for the kids to play. Cecilia and Martin wanted some music from Harry Potter and Matthew picked out a book of Beetles songs. The ride home was filled with Matthew singing tunefully all the Beetles songs he knows from the book and then plotting how he wants to do one of the pieces for a church talent show. Should be good! I did point out that he has to learn the piece first for it to work. He would make a great rock star with his enthusiasm. Erik sings quite well too so he definitely will be part of the gig.

We packed a lunch and headed out to Fernwood Botanical garden. I can not believe that some of my kids don't remember even being there so they were delighted. I do hope to go there pretty frequently and hope I can find people to come with some of the time. The kids played 'Pooh Sticks' on the river dock. Ingrid ran her feet off so will most likely be ready for bed soon. Evan gifted us with a very messy diaper and then I lost my head, using his clothes to clean him up rather than using another wipe! The kids laughed at me and shook their heads. I guess he was such a mess I must have thought his jammies would be the only thing to work.

I spent much of our walking time thinking of some fun things to do together and then also contemplating how great each of the kids are with the little ones. Both Erik and Matthew hauled and chased Ingrid and Stefan around the whole time, taught them how to play 'Pooh Sticks', and patiently pointed stuff out to them. It is nice to spend alone time with them rather than always jabbering to a friend as I take time to pause and appreciate them more instead of running my mouth.

So tomorrow we are going as a family and with a friend to 'The Trail of Tears' festival south of here. I am glad Charley will be able to go with this time. I know he will enjoy it.


  1. I'm glad you all had such a great day. I've been having some great "homeschooling is more then getting lesson plans done" conversations this just reminded me of some of those talks:)
    BTW I hope "Pooh Sticks" is a reference to one of Winnie the Pooh's favorite games and not in relations to Evan's activities, lol!

  2. I guess Evan just wanted to get in on the game! Lol! Kidding. Yes, Winnie the Pooh. They love this game.