Thursday, September 30, 2010

School - so far so good

We frankly haven't had a chance to do a lot of school so far this year. There seems to be a myriad of interruptions lately. The onslaught of tomatoes has happened so we are making salsa, sauce and hopefully whole tomatoes to satisfy the tummies this next year. I try to have the kids do math and such in the morning and then tag team the cannery in the afternoon. So far it is working as long as I don't get too worried about output. Two days ago, I went to get a chicken out of the freezer for dinner only to discover that the freezer had been unplugged. We spent the rest of the day and into the evening cooking and refreezing the chicken. We lost some meat but were at least able to save some too. That was a headache and somewhat of a heart ache as I know how hard the boys worked to raise them. Oh well. I guess I do have a knack for not letting stuff like that rock my world by this time it was a little more challenging.

Erik should be home now during the day. He was hired to scrape and paint our piano teacher's home about a month ago and the job is now finished. His boss made a friend in the process and Erik of course did as well. Scott, his boss, still carries on about how much he is wowed by Erik. I am wowed by Erik too. He has come a long way in the last few years. Scott did indicate he would hire him again if there was another 'small' job came along. I can not wait to see the house tomorrow to see how it looks.

Erik is also taking his first college level class and is holding his own so far. He does not want my help. I did catch a little glitch but other than that he has been on his own and seems to be doing fine. As more is handed to him in responsibility, he is conquering and dividing. Very happy for him.

So we will all be able to tackle our school work and food processing together again now that Erik is done. So far I have mostly conquered the urge to panic as school has not been happening too often. Unschooling prevails so far and it is okay. I just can't worry too much about it and the pace should pick up a little more here soon. We get done what we can each day and it is okay.

Now to look up a chicken recipe for dinner tonight. Chicken............

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