Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happier daughter dear

Our oldest daughter made some difficult decisions this past week. Last weekend was full of many questions, emotions and struggles to figure out what is most important to her in school and came down to the decision to switch majors. She will be able to graduate with a minor in organ and be able to actually get to do her first love of sewing in Fashion Design. She is not sure exactly what she will major in but most likely Fashion Apparel. What is most important to me is that there is a new spring in her step and in her voice and her college experience has seemed to turn into a much more positive experience for her. She enjoys playing the organ but is not as passionate about that as she is her sewing and design interests. I am so very happy and pleased for her. I was proud of her of course before and am still proud of her now. I am just happy she is happier. She seems far more relaxed and is pursuing different opportunities which I don't think

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