Sunday, September 19, 2010

If I only knew then

Visited with an old friend from our homeschooling group today and caught up on kids and grandkids (theirs). Early on in the conversation Bev says to me, "Do you ever look back on our involvement with the homeschooling group and think we shouldn't have done that?" AAaahhhhh.......yes. So we talked and talked about how we got so caught up in doing something important for others while neglecting our own families. At least we can pass along to our children the truth that God calls us to our particular vocations and to remember what they are and not get tricked into chasing after things in the name of helping others. It seemed ok at the time but the relief of not being bound to it anymore was huge. I think our generation was encouraged to do extra 'important' things in church and in the community which followed the same emphasis of feminism and the mom working outside the home to feel somehow fulfilled. Well, we felt fulfilled alright! Full of stress, houses in a mess and neglected kids! But hey, we could put on a great convention! We were pretty special and exhausted back in the day weren't we. (Kiddingl) Well, thanks be to God Charley and I are still married after all that and our children still speak to us. Phew. Life might not be totally stress free now but it sure makes decluttering life easier too as there is so much we think is important at the time which actually is just fluffing up our egos and not considering the consequences. Bev and I joked and sighed at how old and wise we are now. I wonder what we will talk about the next time when we are so much older! Just kidding. Slow learners we are and grateful for what we have now.

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