Friday, October 1, 2010

How long does it take

It amazes me how long it takes to actually finish something around here. I have yet to find a mom of many who did not nod knowingly in agreement. Everything does go faster if I am able to help but I think that comes from years of experience figuring out the best form of attack and wanting to spend as little time as possible doing it. Kids seem to not understand the concept and then love to complain how long it took. It just is a fact around here that accomplishing a load of laundry or even getting the kitchen clean for the night is a feat to be a little bit happy about. I would form a support group but there is little to no time to attend or risk coming home to more work than we would have had if we stayed home. So I go to church instead. It works.

I know that when the little guy Evan gets a little older, it will not seem as daunting but it will probably be Advent then when his happiness improves so we will be busy for different reasons then and still need to clean the kitchen and do the laundry. Tis a season of not getting too worked up by the mess and only inviting people over spontaneously who will understand and not care what lies in their wake. Kidding.......I just need to not care as much but care enough to survive.

My brain just wants a little rest once in awhile from not calculating what we can accomplish in the spare time between events. Sleep would be a plus but that is sort of hit or miss depending on if Evan is sleeping or if we stay up too late at night watching Charley's addiction called 24. I am getting better at being satisfied with a lot less in the school department and trying not to make my family miserable if they didn't keep to a schedule. They are enjoying what we do get done still so that is all that matters. I can not explain that to anyone easily who holds themselves and others to high expectations but my not biting their heads off is also an important lesson for them to learn from me. It makes living with myself easier too.

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