Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wood God

Thus begins another season of worshiping the Wood God. The wood stove is being uncovered from being a clutter catcher right now. Of course my resolution to not use it for a horizontal surface was given up a long time ago. It is supposed to be 28 tonight. Brrrrr....... We just found our fall/spring jackets and now we have to hunt down the winter ones.

This morning we moved our hoards of squash and pumpkins to the root cellar and basement and some of it was delivered. We should be eating some this evening but we also had salsa to finish and a disaster kitchen to clean and as many potatoes as we could dig to dig. Believe it or not the kids got some worthwhile school work done in between all of this.

I have been reading Mrs. Piggle Wiggle to the kids and they are loving that. It will have some effect on them for a little while. I am pleased that reading out loud is happening. I still have not accomplished working on any book for myself. I am still pleased with the slow and steady wins the race philosophy around here. It is working.......slowly but ends another school day.

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