Friday, October 29, 2010

Slow and steady

It is slow and we are trying to keep it steady - Benjamin's reading lessons that is. He needs the steady more than anything for him to make progress. I think he is getting close to having things click for him. I am trying to keep it simple and keep going over everything we have done together patiently and in small amounts each time. The hardest part has been keeping this regular. I am easily distracted by a need to keep everything else steady. So my strategy is to progress through each day in the same way I might proceed to get out of debt. I pay who I owe the highest interest to first and the most. In this case I owe Benjamin the most, Erik probably the second most where it concerns writing and test taking, and then Cecilia and Martin with their math. It has taken till the last week or so to get some consistency in our routine and the kids are picking up the pace now. Patience. Slow and Steady. Anything can be accomplished 15 (or a bit more) minutes at a time. I do believe we hit every day this week with consistency. Almost November......I guess it could be worse.

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