Friday, October 15, 2010


School and family seems to be getting easier and easier as we slowly get back in the groove of school and routines. Charley has been taking at least one day off a week so he doesn't loose his vacation days. He spends his 'vacation' working here at home. He 'borrows' a kid here and there to do weird things like pour cement or chop wood. The wood splitter broke today. Oops. I hope Charley survives this. He loves his wood splitter.

Matthew is having a bunch of boys over this evening to party outside and probably in. It should be interesting. I am hoping to party some with a friend too. I am somewhat addicted to making food stuff from all the free produce which has come our way so have been making up stuff to share. The pumpkin black bean soup in Taste of Home was incredible. I am considering tweaking the recipe to make the same thing into enchiladas. It should work.

Took the opportunity to go biking this afternoon. It seems that I should figure on going every other day in light of someone having to watch Evan for me. I might go my old route next time and go the whole ten miles. It is SO beautiful out and getting outside and in my own little world is a plus. There is no lawn to mow as it is too dry.

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