Monday, October 11, 2010


It is our family tradition for everyone to be sick during birthday week. Today is mine (mild symptoms), Matthew's is tomorrow (now coughing), and Erik's is next week (not sick.......yet.....holding out for his birthday). I think a great percentage of my kids get sick on their bdays. So......we are certainly chilling out today. I was sort of hoping to take Matthew out for lunch today or tomorrow but I don't think that will happen. Unschooling does solve a myriad of problems. I am not too stressed by the sickness interruption. We are taking life very slowly today. Last year it was the stomach flu so I am NOT complaining!!!!

Our septic system is stressed so have to take care that we don't stress it further till the septic pumper outers come. Our system is NOT designed to handle this many people. We bought a high efficiency washer the last time we stressed it out. Now I think we will have to visit the Cheaper By the Dozen motion study of shower taking. My kids love long showers. Who doesn't? That will have to wait for next summers pool attendance........long showers during the breaks.

So goes the day. I think I will go open a jar of herring in honor of the day's 'festivities' (aka nose blowing). Too bad I can't find a tomato to go with it.

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